Coming to you live from the Jutland

August 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m sitting in an attic in a traditional Danish farmhouse. This is where I’ll sleep for the next three weeks. The nearest town is a 39 DKK taxi ride away.

I’ll keep this post brief. I’ve had a long day of traveling, and I need to get up early to help milk the cow.

Just to give you an idea of where I’m currently situated, here’s what I did to get here:

–Rose at 5:00am to make a 6:14am high-speed train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. My hostel was close to the Stockholm train station, but it takes me twice as long to go anywhere when I have to haul my pack.

–Arrived in Copenhagen around 11:30am. Stood in seemingly endless lines–for regional train tickets, currency exchange, pay toilets. Watched tourists queue up for Tivoli, which is just right across the street, to pass the time.

–Took the regional train from Copenhagen to Randers at 1:50pm. Here’s the catch–only two of the train cars actually stop at Randers. The rest stop at Aarhus. Figuring out which ones stop at Randers was a feat in itself. I experienced yet another “clueless American tourist” moment when I asked umpteen train passengers which was the car I needed before flagging down a conductor.

–Arrived in Randers at 5:30pm. Asked six people, at least, how to get to the bus terminal. Nearly cried in public (outside of a sausage house) when I thought I wouldn’t make the bus I need to get to my host family’s village. Keep in mind, there’s only one bus that goes to this village. It leaves at 6:35pm and doesn’t wait around for very long.

–Took bus to Fjerritslev at 6:35pm and arrived at 8:20-ish. Because I didn’t get a chance to check my email today, I didn’t know the cab would pick me up at 9:05pm. My hosts, I later found out, sent me a message earlier today, notifying me of this fact. So I ventured into town, looking for a functioning phone to call my hosts to let them know I had made it. A waitress at a local pizza joint let me use her mobile phone. Five minutes later, my taxi arrived.

–Took taxi to hosts’ residence, only to find out it’s a long ways from Fjerritslev. At one point, the cab driver took me down a dirt road.

–Arrived at hosts’ home. Was greeted by a dog and two adorable little kids.

That was my day. How was yours?


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  • Irma says:

    Emma, I am loving your blog…as usual, your writing keeps me riveted, eager to learn the outcome of your adventures. You are certainly having to work through some life lessons…good for you. I wouldn’t have had the courage at your age to take on what you’re doing…heck, I still don’t have it. Bravo my dear, treasure every minute! Love you! Irma

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