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August 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

My first day “on the job” in Sweden consisted of picking and sorting a whole lot of tomatoes and picking and trimming bunches of onions. Today all I did was pick tomatoes. I’m quite slow and didn’t get to anything else in my six-hour shift. I learned that this won’t do when you run a business selling organic vegetables. The entire inventory needs to be restocked continuously, not just the tomato supply.

(On an unrelated note, I didn’t think it was possible to get so dirty picking tomatoes in a greenhouse. I need a shower after every shift. I can’t get the dark green grit out from under my thumbnails no matter how many times I wash my hands.)

I’d liken this particular volunteer experience to an internship, albeit on a farm setting. Please don’t misconstrue this as a complaint. I’ve no reason to complain. The work isn’t the most inspiring I’ve ever done. Internships hardly ever qualify as “inspiring.” Although I don’t directly impact the business, the limited role I play behind the scenes affords me a broad perspective. I learn by observing what others do and by asking questions.

I could brood about picking tomatoes for six hours straight. Oh, it’s tempting. But I’d rather not. I don’t see the point.


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  • Douglas Uhlinger says:

    The most physically grueling work I have ever done was farmwork when I was a teenager. So I feel for you, Miss Emma. Glad to see you have kept it in perspective. Do keep up these excellent blogs. You don’t know how many of us are living free and young in Europe–vicariously.c

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