The Only Constant

October 21, 2012 Comments Off on The Only Constant

Notice anything different?

I decided this blog could use some sprucing up. I wanted to make it easier to navigate and, more important, visually engaging. I reorganized my posts and revamped the layout, making my pictures more visible. I also included links to some of my favorite sites.

Then there was the matter of content. I thought long and hard about this. And I decided that I’ll continue to share travel stories. This will include my recent adventures in Europe, as well as future trips I take.

Food played a huge roll in my experiences abroad. That hasn’t changed since I came home. Then I had a thought. Why not explore the relationship between two of my biggest passions, food and travel, and while I’m at it, document my adventures in the kitchen?

So this blog has morphed into a food-travel blog hybrid. I certainly didn’t plan this, but I couldn’t be more excited.



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