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March 25, 2013 § 2 Comments

I discussed passion previously in this post. I’m still thinking about it.

Take a look at this piece, from a great local website I consult often as I search for employment.

It makes sense to me. We spend the bulk of our waking hours at our jobs. We might as well utilize our passions to find satisfying work. But that’s not what interests me this time. I want to examine passion in broader terms. Passion is more than an intense love for someone or something. It’s energy. Energy that can be harnessed.

The aforementioned article cites Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring strategies. Zuckerberg looks for passionate individuals to work for Facebook. He could care less what their passions are. He knows that these people will bring boundless energy to his company, and he knows how to redirect that energy.

The most fascinating people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting were passionate individuals. I didn’t always share their passions, but the sheer joy and energy that they radiated drew me to them. These are people who have motivated me to cultivate my own passions.

There could even be a direct correlation between passion and happiness. If you perceive happiness to be fleeting and sporadic, rather than a permanent fixture in life, then knowing one’s passions might ensure that happiness intersects their life with some frequency. Recognizing your passions will incline you to seek out relevant, worthwhile opportunities to grow them, resulting in many happy instances.

I certainly felt happier when I discovered each one of my passions. Then again, “complete” describes how I felt more adequately. I remember when I realized how much food meant to me, I felt as though I’d found some missing piece of myself that I’d never realized had been missing in the first place.

That’s just one example. I look forward to discovering more passions.

You don’t have to make your passion pay. Just be passionate. Be passionate about something. Anything.


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  • Thanks for mentioning my Mac’s List post! Great article about passion. I couldn’t agree with you more ~ the most interesting people I meet are those who are passionate! It really doesn’t matter to me what they are passionate about. ~ Thanks again:)

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